We are more than staff, we are family. And also, quite literally, some of us ARE actually family! Katie made sure every person in her life felt special and here at Katie Grace Foundation, we strive to do the same. Every person's role is valuable and we are grateful to do this work in Katie's name.

Katelyn Green
Warehouse Manager

Katelyn is a mastermind at the foundation warehouse. She loves working in the nonprofit world because it allows her to give back to the community and live as Katie would.


Although she now calls Reno home, Katelyn was born and raised in California. After receiving a degree in Public Health, she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work.


Being Katie’s caretaker for many years, the two shared many special memories but Katelyn’s fondest moments with Katie are the quiet morning car rides to school together, where they would start their day in the best way possible.


Brenda Green

Raised in Oregon until the 8th grade, Brenda lived the majority of her life in California before retiring to Arizona. She has 2 adult children and a grandbaby on the way. Fondly known as Katie’s “Ant”, Brenda’s nickname for Katie was Bug. Sleepovers were a special time together and Brenda “loved how Katie made you feel you were the only important person in her world”. 


Brenda’s financial experience has lent perfectly to the role of Katie Grace Foundation Treasurer. The foundation “embodies the true heart of Katie and I am grateful to be a small part in a beautiful world that Kim has created in honor of Katie”. Outside the foundation, Brenda loves to bowl, play cards, and work in her yard.

Amie Lands
Executive Director

Amie spent the last 15 years as a public school teacher, while simultaneously raising a family and running a nonprofit in memory of her daughter, Ruthie Lou. She met Katie as a 4th grade student in her school, where she and her teaching partner referred to Katie as 'our girl'. The two teachers shared many summers with Katie at their annual Craft Camp, where she was both an attendee and later as their assistant, along with special lunch dates & invitations to Katie's home. Now years later, to be part of Katie Grace Foundation as Executive Director, it is “humbling to give to the world what Katie so easily gave to everyone she met, love”. Amie can still remember Katie’s arms hugging around her neck and is honored to do work on behalf of the most special girl.


Merilee Watts
Volunteer Director

Marilee has been a resident of Northwest Reno since 2012. Active in several nonprofits, she was introduced to the Foundation through her membership in the Wild Whimsical Women, a social and philanthropic group in Northwest Reno. Her friendship with Kimberly grew as they shared a common bond: losing a 15 year old child. After volunteering once a week and witnessing the dedication to the work Kimberly was doing to honor Katie, she became an active volunteer, even encouraging WWW members to volunteer as well.  She is currently a coordinator for the Wild Whimsical Women as they partner with the Katie Grace Foundation to support nonprofits in the community.