About Us 


On June 9, 2017, 15 year old Katelynn Grace Weingarter's life was taken in a tragic accident. Called Katie by her family and friends, she had the ability to light up the room with her infectious smile and comforting eyes. Her outer beauty was as strong as her inner heart, and she could touch anyone’s heart from within. Although taken from this world far too soon, Katie will not be forgotten. Her character and legacy will serve as an example of how one should live- kind, loving, selfless and courageous. Through her mom Kimberly, family, friends and community sponsors, the Katie Grace Foundation touches many lives by spreading love and kindness. 



Due to the  circumstances that took Katie's life, the Foundation provides pedestrian safety tools and information for kids as they walk to school and are out in the community. By teaching them traffic concerns and safe means of travel, we can help them make smart decisions while out on the roads for themselves and pedestrians. 

Community Outreach

Katie thrived by including everyone in her circle, making friends with the new kids, and offering food to anyone in need. We aim to show Katie's kindness through acts of community outreach by sharing care packages at local hospitals, donating food and clothes to victims of natural disasters and giving scholarships to kids. 


Katie loved to help others, especially in their time of need. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Nevada, Katie's Garden allows children to grow their own fruit and vegetables in a classroom setting, with the ability to take home to share with their families for delicious, healthy meals.