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About Us

Our family would like to introduce you to The Katie Grace Foundation. On June 9th, 2017, Katie tragically passed away crossing Plumb Lane. At 15 years old, she had gained the love and respect of everyone she came in contact with: classmates, teammates, coaches, teachers, children, and adults alike. Katie was young at heart, but held the wisdom of an old soul. Her hugs would fill your heart with joy. She was the epitome of ‘giving the shirt off her back’ and would offer her lunch or a seat next to her to avoid a friend feeling hungry or excluded.

Katie Grace Foundation embraces the unconditional love for others that Katie taught us. We use the foundation to continue acts of kindness and charity in our community. We sponsor the needs of children to become involved in sports and extracurricular activities. With the help of our local schools and teachers, each year we provide scholarships to children that represent the acts of love and kindness that Katie valued. If you didn't know Katie, you will get to know her through The Katie Grace Foundation and we are so excited to share her with you. Katie wanted to become an Olympic Volleyball player, and it is our mission to make Katie's love felt ALL around the world. 

At Katie Grace Foundation, we are more than staff and board members, we are a family business. And also, quite literally, some of us ARE family! Katie made sure every person in her life felt special and we strive to do the same. Every person's role is valuable and we are grateful to do this work in Katie's name.

Hello, my name is Kimberly Weingartner, also known as Katie’s mama. I founded the Katie Grace Foundation in loving memory of my sweet daughter, Katie, who was taken from us too soon.


Katie was kind, sassy, thoughtful, determined, hard-working, and inclusive. She didn’t believe in strangers. They were merely friends she hadn’t met yet, friends who became family, a family of many. Her character and legacy will serve as an example of how one should live; kind, loving, selfless and courageous through the foundation.


Even though she may not be here, her love will forever be remembered through the Katie Grace Foundation. Please continue to share a smile with a stranger and spread kindness in the world.


To know Katie was to be LOVED by Katie. 

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