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Board Members

Shelly Engholm
Board Member

Shelly is a native Coloradan but has called Reno home since 1991. She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for 30+ years and is the proud mom of a beautiful 22-year-old daughter named Tanner (“T”).


It is through volleyball that she came to know Kimberly and Katie. Though tiny, Katie was mighty - and a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her passion for the game and her kindness toward her teammates was unmatched my most. She was a true joy in every way. Shelly and T had the great fortune to spend many hours with Katie traveling to tournaments in California and getting to know the ray of sunshine she truly was.  


Shelly is honored to be part of the Katie Grace Foundation. All of the beauty Katie represented in life lives on through the foundation and the wonderfully kind and generous support Kimberly has been able to provide to so many people in communities near and far. Shelly is humbled to be part of this journey and looks forward to helping spread kindness and endless amounts of goodness in Katie’s name.


Brenda Green

Raised in Oregon until the 8th grade, Brenda lived the majority of her life in California before retiring to Arizona. She and her husband share a blended family of 4 adult children and a grandbaby on the way. Fondly known as Katie’s “Ant”, Brenda’s nickname for Katie was Bug. Sleepovers were a special time together and Brenda “loved how Katie made you feel you were the only important person in her world”. 


Brenda’s financial experience has lent perfectly to the role of Katie Grace Foundation Treasurer. The foundation “embodies the true heart of Katie and I am grateful to be a small part in a beautiful world that Kim has created in honor of Katie”. Outside the foundation, Brenda loves to bowl, play cards, and work in her yard.


Logan Myers 
Vice President

Logan has lived most of his life in Northern Nevada. He completed graduate school in 2017 at the University of Nevada, Reno with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. His research interests are in neurobiology and genetics, focusing on understanding the developmental mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease. Outside of science, he is the lead estimator for Rayco, a local drywall business in Reno, for 10 years.


Logan met Katie via their parents’ relationship and he did his best to take on a role as an older brother and role model for her. While his introduction to Katie and Kimberly happened while attending graduate school, nevertheless, they quickly became family and a source for inspiration. Katie was very open to making new friends and creating wonderful relationships with the people around her. She was as far as you can get from shy and Logan really appreciate how engaged she was with the world around her.


Logan finds it amazing to see the diversity of people that benefit from the resources that the KTGF organizes. He thinks it is incredible to see the organization doing its best to provide life changing opportunities as well as assistance with living needs for young children, adults, and elderly within the community. Logan looks forward to carrying out planned future events, creating donation processes, as well as opportunities that KTGF provides to the community.

Danyelle Myers 

A Northern Nevada native, Danyelle works as an OB/Gyn in Carson City. Katie and Kimberly became an integral part of her family shortly after meeting her now husband Logan Myers.


One could spend a life-time attempting to define Katie without success as her genuine beauty is unparalleled. Katie poured her soul into everything that she did and made loving others appear effortless. Even as a life-long learner, Katie taught Danyelle what it was to accept, love, uplift and give back to those around; something that can’t be ascertained from a textbook.


It is an honor and a privilege to be part of the Katie Grace Foundation which continues to propagate Katie’s morals throughout our community. Kimberly’s ability to capture the essence of who Katie was as a person and model a non-profit promoting love, compassion and support for others is impressive. Danyelle looks forward to being part of the Katie Grace Foundation family and continuing to give to others what Katie has given us.

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