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Community Outreach

We love our community! Katie Grace Foundation’s most exciting project is our Community Outreach Program. Through this program, we work with local warehouse Community Sponsors who donate brand new products for redistribution to our vetted Nonprofit Partners. Using an online form, Katie Grace Foundation fulfills requested orders and gives to organizations who work so hard for our underserved community.

We proudly support:

  • our Veterans

  • first responders

  • those facing homelessness

  • survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking

  • impoverished students

  • pet rescues


In addition to providing much needed supplies to nearly 100 registered nonprofits and charitable organizations, the Katie Grace Foundation also serves the community in several different ways.


As an organization, we:

  • support our Veterans & those re-entering the community with necessary essentials to move into a home

  • staff and supply Katie Bug Boutique, a kids boutique for the resident families at OUR Place in Sparks, NV

  • offer shoe cabinets throughout the Reno area because everyone deserves a good pair of shoes

  • create gardens for students so they may have the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables

  • assist our communities that have been devastated by natural disasters

  • fulfill scholarships to approved senior volleyball students at Reno High School in Reno, Nevada

  • travel the United States and foreign countries providing school supplies to underprivileged children


New Shoe Event at Lemmon Valley Elementary


Laptop Distribution Event at Katie's Warehouse


Deb Reeder, Amie Lands, Kimberly Weingartner, Katie Bug Boutique Grand Opening, January 2023


Katie Bug Boutique for the resident families at OUR Place


Thanksgiving Dinner presented by Cookies 4 Kindness


Outstanding Foundation Award presented to KTGF from the Association of Networking Professionals


Katie's Garden


Maggie's donation to the KTGF Socktober Drive


Mor Furniture 4 Less donated over 150 mattresses to local Nonprofit Partners in time for the holidays


Kimberly Weingartner, founder of Katie Grace Foundation earned Bronze in the Veterans/Military category, October 2022

Katie's Shoe Cabinet at Project 150


Options Veterinary Care Pet Cabinet

Katie's Shoe Cabinet at Women and Children of the Sierras

Pet Donations for Greenville Fire Victims


Veterans Supporter of the Month Governors Award awarded to Kimberly Weingartner, May 2022

Hand Sanitizer Donations to Inskeep Elementary

Veteran's Care Packages

Care's Campus Library

Hand Sanitizer Donations to Storey County

Sweatshirt donations to Project 150

Backside Learning Center in Louisville, Kentucky

Hand Sanitizer Donations to Greater Nevada Field

Veteran's Resource Center

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